@RealEli and @TrueClare,

you seem to always know how I feel.

Thank you for always making me feel understood.


It’s just what Degrassi’s all about. People don’t just break up because they lose interest, no. They break up because of all these problems spiraling out of control, like having a dead ex-girlfriend, hoarding, writing a horror novel about your girlfriend, crashing your car for her, and obsessing and manipulating her. At times the drama is so overrated but if they keep throwing couples like Eli and Clare at me, I’m not going to stop watching.

Even after all the mess, they managed to still end season 11 on good terms. I’m so hopeful because of that kiss. I have watched that scene over 20 times and I have analyzed it in every way I can think of. They just have so much chemistry together. It’s unbelievable how real it feels watching them interact. All those looks and facial expressions. All I know is that Eli and Clare just have to have a break from drama. Hopefully next season they can relax and be happy with each other. But then again, there is always drama in Degrassi. 


Degrassi is back!

My addiction is back :)

That episode was good but I want to see more!

Eclare, Eclare, Eclare, Eclare, Eclare!!!!!

It feels so good to watch Degrassi then come here to see everyone’s thoughts on the episodes :D

OMG ELI & CLARE in the season Promo!! OMG!

TeenNick Promos always distort the actual episodes and leads the fans on to something that doesn’t end up happening. But that look in Clare’s eyes when she sees Eli, I really hope that, that means something. I reaaaaallllllyyyy hope it means something. At least I know that Clare is not having sex with Jake. 

I’m obsessed.



omg this video is wonderful <3

OMG. I know this video is dramatic but I can’t help but reblog.


Watching the scene of Eli with his monologue

  • Me: *tearing up* All the awards.
  • Mom: I'll admit it. He's cute.
  • Me: My Eli.....
  • Mom: Get a life.
  • ~End Of Episode~
  • Mom: You know, this is actually good for kids that are like suicidal, sociopathic, bipolar, mani-
  • Me: WATCH IT.
  • Mom: ...kids. They can be like Hey, Eli got through it, so can I.
  • hahaha this made me laugh


Much Music Degrassi Week 5


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Eli: Clare Edwards is a…A riddle wrapped in a mystery stuffed inside an enigma.

Imogen: She sounds like a burrito…And now I’m hungry.

Imogen is so random and annoying -____-

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